Podcast Service

Partner with The Gist to launch or evolve your company's podcast to reach more people and assert your thought leadership.

Podcast Marketing Service - The Gist

Capture and Release

The Gist makes planning, creating and promoting your podcast easy and impactful.

In terms of how they're evolving our cultural media landscape, podcasts are still in their infancy - despite how popular they've become in recent years.

Podcasts give your people - and your brand - the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with a broader audience and simultaneously through a deeper level of connection and engagement. Not to mention, they equip you with boatloads of content to attract, engage and delight your customers.

Partner with The Gist to launch your podcast to grow your brand and your business.

Start with a Strategy

What is the podcast going to be about? Who is the intended audience? What would make them want to watch or listen? How are you going to format the conversations?

We've launched several podcasts and can help you design your podcast strategy quickly and effectively. This will make launching your podcast easier and more effective.

Record Video and Audio

Your opportunity to reach an audience with your podcast shouldn't be limited to the popular audio-only streaming services. 

Capturing long-form video content allows you to maximize your options for repurposing your content. You'll have video, audio and text. Full-length as well as short clips. Many options for your website, emails and media platforms.

Publish and Promote

Publish the full-length video on YouTube. Publish the full-length audio to all the popular podcast platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, etc.)

Then transcribe the conversation and turn it into a blog post. Edit out short video clips and sprinkle them across social media. Email the content to your customers and prospects.

How We Can Help Launch or Grow Your Podcast

Podcast Strategy

We've launched several podcasts and can help you design your podcast strategy quickly and effectively to maximize impact.

Podcast Branding

We'll help you name it, design a logo, source theme music, design intro bumpers and graphics with top production quality.

Guest Booking

We can help you with outreach to people you know. We can also recruit other qualified guests for you to help expand your reach.


The Gist can provide a small crew - at your place of business or our studio - to capture and edit high-quality audio and video.

Audio Publishing

We'll make sure the final audio final sounds crisp, then we'll push it out to all the major podcast streaming platforms for you.

Video Publishing

We'll publish the full-length video to YouTube and cut out 2-3 short clips per episode to share across your social media platforms.


We'll transcribe each episode to create a blog post and perform other actions to maximize the podcast's organic reach.

Podcast Promotion

We can also run some paid advertising campaigns to expose your podcast to a broader audience even faster.

Remote Podcasts

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, it's never been easier to record podcast episodes with remote guests.

While it removes the need to record in a studio, the same principles for strategizing, publishing and promoting your podcast apply. We've got experience with remote podcasts, too, and we'd love to help you launch yours.

Next Step? Let's Talk!

Maybe you're ready to start a podcast right now. Or maybe you like the idea of it but first you need a better understanding of how it works, how much it costs and the various ways it can benefit you and help your business grow. Either way, the next step is to book a free podcast strategy session with CJ. Use the calendar link below. When you book your time, you will receive a calendar invitation with a link to access a Zoom meeting.


"Before partnering with the Gist, we had a very ad-hoc, fragmented approach to marketing. CJ is highly organized and is able to lead very productive meetings which always results in clear actionable strategies and takeaways. The Gist really has become an extension of our organization helping establish SelectOne as experts and thought leaders.

Aly Finkle
Director of Sales, SelectOne