We believe quality content is Google's biggest turn-on.

We believe content is what's holding you back from becoming an industry leader and a lead generation machine.

We believe you can only ignore the inevitable for so long.

We believe in going all in on your best effort, repeated daily, over time.

We believe the best way to figure out how to monetize an audience is to grow one in the first place.

We believe in the man in the arena.

We believe the biggest mistake is being too afraid to make one.

We believe it's never been easier (or cheaper) to start, grow and scale a business.

We believe we exist to keep it that way.

We believe the best time to start is right now.


The Gist is a premium content outfitter that produces quality, on-demand content for business owners, agencies and marketing teams. Collectively, The Gist boasts years of industry experience in a variety of disciplines. We started implementing content-centric inbound marketing campaigns that increased web traffic over 600% and new leads over 900% and decided to take this show on the road. 

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