What is content marketing?

Content marketing (also referred to as inbound marketing) is the process of (1) creating relevant, original content on a regular basis, (2) packaging that content and "gating" it behind forms and landing pages to generate leads and (3) actively nurturing your growing database of leads over time until they become qualified sales opportunities.

The Content Marketing Funnel

Does it work?

Unlike traditional marketing, content and inbound marketing relies 100% on data. How many people viewed that blog post? What percentage of those people clicked on your call-to-action? What percentage of those people went to your landing page and downloaded your content offer? What percentage of those people became customers after a month? A year?

So, whenever someone asks us if it works, we just point to the numbers.

Web Visitors by Month

A 12-month period, beginning when the client began executing its content marketing strategy with The Gist.

New Leads by Month

Same client, same 12-month period. Monthly leads were in the single digits. Now they're trending over 200 per month.

Where 30 months becomes 30 days.

30 months. That's about how long it took for us to become experts in content marketing. This took thousands of hours of combined work for clients, employers and ourselves - and that's not even factoring in the countless hours of research and learning, flying across the country to attend conferences and doing whatever it took to hone our craft.

30 months. In the grand scheme of things that's not too much time. But that's more time than you have to make a content marketing strategy produce for your business. Give us 30 days to teach you how content marketing works from end-to-end and customize a winning content marketing strategy for your business. 30 days. It's taken you longer to answer emails.

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What do we cover?

When you engage The Gist you'll get a comprehensive content marketing strategy customized for your business in 30 days. You'll also be so well-versed in the methodology you'll be able to teach your friends without blinking. From there, you'll have the option of engaging us to create the most critical elements of the strategy, or do it yourself.



Begin with the end in mind. What needs to happen in order to consider this a success? How do we get there from here?

Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

Fictional representations of your real customers lay the foundation of precise targeting and persuasive messaging.

Content Strategy

content strategy

What's most important, interesting or relevant to our target audience(s)? What topic(s) are going to make people pay attention?

Core Content

core content

Start with one or two major platforms (like a blog or Youtube channel, for example), and become a master at leveraging them.

Lead Generation

lead generation

Map out our content offers - and other methods for generating leads - with intention and purpose and watch the new leads pour in.

Lead Nurturing

lead nurturing

Lead capture is only the beginning. How are we going to "drip" our growing database and usher them down our marketing funnel?

Social Media

social media

Determine which platform(s) are best for your business and how to leverage them beyond merely having a presence.



Automation is your friend. It saves you time, increased efficiency and eliminate mistakes. We'll show you how to do it like a pro.



Traffic will increase. Leads will come and deals will close. Get ready. We'll show you how to learn from the data to constantly refine and improve.

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